The 28 Day Kick Start

Re-Energise, Re-Focus, and Boost Your Wellness With The 28 Day Body Transformation

The Online 28 Day Body Transformation Program Is Designed To Help You Begin Your Own Health & Wellness Journey, Leading To A Leaner, Fitter, More Energetic Confident You.

During the 28 days, you will be given the tools, guidance & support needed to begin seeing the physical changes in yourself.

The program includes:


Nutrition Essentials Guide

The is going to help show you how to change your diet and lose body fat, by helping you understand how to track and make changes to your nutrition intake and ensure you keep progressing


How Hormones Affect Your Body Weight

A short guide that helps you understand what hormones contribute to weight gain and which help with weight loss together with solutions for balancing them


On-Line Exercise Videos

A 4 week workout guide for all levels of ability, including Equipment-Free Exercises, Fitness Pilates and Weights workouts.


Body Transformation Fat Loss Recipes

This is your week by week shopping list and meal plans with all of the calories from the macronutrients calculated for you to make tracking easier


Mindset Exercise Book

Helping you learn how to set goals to aid motivation and re-programme your future mental self


On-Line Support & Guidance

From your very own Nutritionist / Personal Trainer / Motivational Speaker – Nina & Stuart Lancaster will be with you over the 28 Day Kickstart to support & guide you through the program

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