Cleanse Nine (C9) Detox

Recipes & Exercises To Help You With The Program

I first did the “Cleanse Nine” in 2015 and achieved great fat loss results. As an advocate of “Clean” healthy eating, my clients ask me if I still believe in the C9.

The answer is an overwhelming YES!

I find that the C9 can kick start the fat loss process by eliminating water and toxins from the body. The first few days I found tough but I liked the fact that I could still have a “meal” of prescribed free foods. Days 4-9 were so much easier and I had bundles of energy and was never tired, sluggish or fatigued.

However, I struggled for ideas with the evening 600 calorie meals (it’s an 800 calorie evening meal for the men), so I have devised an e-book which gives delicious, healthy, calorie counted meals together with the macronutrients (fats, proteins, and carbs). It includes sections for both men and women in the same book and removes all the guesswork from meal planning and cooking.


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